As Raleigh moves into the summer season , consider your home’s upcoming battle with the heat, air conditioning not cooling properly and window inefficiency. Windows are designed to fill a hole in the wall by protecting us from the elements. Whether it’s age or poor design, inefficient, or “Legacy” vinyl and wood windows are often overlooked as a comfort system component. Despite their critical role in your home’s heating and cooling, legacy windows have a major impact on energy costs and heating and cooling system longevity and usually become a consideration when the “fog” of a seal failure clouds the glass. The ongoing thermal transfer, heat in the summer, cold in the winter, results in excess demand on the heating and cooling system. Additionally, window beyond their useful life provide minimal sound deflection or mitigate Ultraviolet energy.

Help your comfort system and energy consumption by replacing “Legacy” windows with energy star certified units engineered to operate with ease. These replacement windows eliminate thermal transfer, deflect sound and reduce harmful UV ray by up to 94%. If you live in the Raleigh- Cary – Durham NC area and want more information, call or email us with any questions or to schedule a free energy analysis and replacement window estimate at 919-239-4522.