Helping customers sound proof homes in high noise areas and reduce that nuisance is something we really enjoy. Here in Raleigh, for instance, homeowners near the Raleigh Durham airport or in the flight paths experience noise on a regular basis. Air traffic may not be the case for everyone, but whether it’s auto traffic, city or commercial related noise, it’s still a nuisance. A majority of that noise, and temperature transfer is transferred through poorly designed or failed window units. High quality energy efficient replacement windows are engineered to mitigate those transfers and the first step in sound proofing. Designed for maximum deflection of temperature and UV rays, these windows also deflect outside noise when the latest window technologies like: LowE dual coatings, triple panes, Krypton gas and insulated frame and sash are included. Energy Catchers rounds this out with our very own sound barrier installation, all of which is designed to: “Keep the noise out” If you live in the Wake Forest – Chapel Hill – Fayetteville area and want more information, call or email us with any questions or to schedule a free energy analysis and replacement window estimate at 919-239- 4522.