Looking for a Rapid Return Home Improvement that is a wise investment? Want a “COOL” attic? Consider Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier Insulation and reduce high summer utility bills:

From Raleigh – Cary – Chapel Hill to Fayetteville – Wilmington, Energy Catchers can help reduce your energy dependence and make your home Greener by sealing and insulating your home with Energy Star Radiant Barrier.  More than 45 Million homes in the US lack proper insulation and the continuous Thermal transfer losses through the ceiling via the attic cavity accounts for an overwhelming percentage of a home’s recurring daily and annual energy loss.  A typically well insulated attic only slows those losses as high summer attic temperatures permeate through insulation to heat the ceiling in the summer, and then in winter allows the warmed air needed during the heating season to escape with ease. We champion adding our “Radiant Barrier” reduces those transfer “loss” areas which can immediately lower heating and cooling costs and extends that system’s useful life.  Radiant Barrier not only saves money, saves energy by reducing your home’s carbon footprint but this home comfort project has a rapid return on investment.

Developed by NASA to protect astronaut from temperatures ranging from -270 to 230 degrees Celsius, the 2 independent highly reflective sheets are bonded together enclosing a woven polyethylene perforated fabric designed for a variety of climates and geographic zones and doing the same job as a seven foot thick piece of conventional insulation. This material combination is highly flame retardant, l carrying a Class A/Class 1 Fire Rating that meets all fire and smoke safety requirements for federal, state and local building codes (ASTM E84) and improves the efficiency of Attic-Mounted HVAC and Ducts by reducing thermal transfer to the attic rafters or floor space.

Blocking 96% of radiant heat transfer to and from the attic cavity makes your home more comfortable. Summer the attic temperatures will be drastically reduced and stifling hot attic temperatures no longer permeating insulation to heat your ceilings. Eliminating that transfer in the summer means your Cooling System doesn’t have to work overtime to keep up with the excess demand.  Reducing excess demand on an annual basis not only translates to lower energy bills but extends the cooling system’s useful life.  During the heating season Radiant Barrier traps warmed air before it escapes into the attic.  Eliminating that transfer means inefficient heat loss through the attic insulation is sealed off.  That trapped warm air maintains a warm area layer at the ceiling creating more efficient heating and more comfortable living spaces. saves energy and extends the longevity of the temperature comfort system.

Radiant Barrier is the finishing touch after replacing Double Hung Windows, Steel, Metal or Fiberglass Entry Doors, Picture Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Patio Doors or French Doors with quality Energy Catchers Energy Star®; Vinyl Replacement Windows, Steel Entry Doors, Fiberglass Entry Doors and Storm Doors.  Insulated Vinyl Siding is also something to consider to increase your home’s thermal efficiency and its’ soundproofing benefits by reducing noise transfer from barking dogs, traffic and other nuisances by up to 45%.

We have included a short video demonstrating the reflective power of our Radiant Barrier that is amazing!  If you live in Eastern NC and would like more information,please call or email us with any questions or to schedule a free energy analysis and Radiant Barrier estimate at 919-239-4522.  We can’t wait to make your home more comfortable!