There are a variety of reasons to consider a custom metal roofing system for your next roof replacement.

Longevity: longevity defines metal roofing as witnessed by the old, long abandoned farmhouse near collapse, but still protected by a worn metal roof showing years of battling the elements.

Protection: a roof must protect the home from anything nature has to offer.  Metal provides unapparelled protection for extreme elements experienced throughout the United States.  Because our metal roofing systems are engineered to be resistant to cracking, shrinking and erosion they also withstand extreme weather conditions that include hail storms, snow loads, wildfires and solar radiation.
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Environmental Impact: metal roofing is environmentally friendly.  Choosing metal is a commitment that minimizes environmental impacts.  Made from 30-60% recycled material and the ability to install over existing asphalt means no landfill impact.  Conventional roofing products such as asphalt shingles contribute an estimated 20 billion pounds of waste annually to U.S. landfills and a Metal overlay eliminates your landfill contribution.  In addition to minimizing your environmental impact, the cost of tear off and roofing product disposal is eliminated.

Style: available in a wide variety of colors that are fade resistant.  Make your home a stunning masterpiece by selecting a color that matches and enhances your homes’ architecture and style.  Make a bold impression on your guests and be the envy of your neighbors with colors that dazzle.

Resale Value: homes renovated with Metal Roofing Systems are shown to recoup more than 80% of the initial cost when determining resale value. Homes improved with metal roofs also have a distinct competitive advantage versus similar homes on the market that do not.

Energy Efficiency: solar radiation is the absorption of sunlight.  Solar radiation is a home’s primary source of conductive heat absorption which is then transferred to the interior space.  Our metal roofing systems have been engineered with “Cool Pigment Technology” paint systems.  This scientific approach results in damaging and energy consuming solar heat being blocked and reflected back into the atmosphere.  Solar radiation transfers are minimized as most is reflected but what is absorbed is shed away via thermal emittance.  Emissivity, which measures the roof’s ability to shed absorbed heat is maximized by the “cool” paint pigments.  These color pigments selectively absorb visible and reflects what appears to the human eye as color. Homeowners experience energy savings immediately as attic spaces become cool and heat transfer is mitigated.

Durability: mother nature is no match for Custom Metal roofing systems. From harsh winter conditions of the north, long hot days of the south and salt conditions found in coastal and intercoastal areas, metal roofing systems are preferred.  Rain, snow or hail are easily handled for years and the cycle of replacing asphalt shingles repeatedly is eliminated.


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