North Carolina asphalt shingle roofs are exposed to a wide variety of severe weather conditions.  Extreme southern summers, hurricane force winds, tornado’s and hail are not uncommon.  Engineered to last from 20 years to lifetime under normal conditions, these severe weather events can lead to early roof failure from extreme elements requiring emergency disaster prevention measures.

Southeastern homeowners are exposed to isolated rather than regional severe weather events that affect homes only in those areas.  These are extreme weather conditions that damage roofs beyond repair.  Hail and high winds will cause premature failure to large roof sections where shingle tabs are forced off or visibly damaged exposing the interior to water damage.  In cases like these, repairs are not feasible so replacement is the best option.  Generally, repairs and shingle replacement is an option for example from superficial tree limb events when only a small number of shingles in good condition are damaged.

We recommend roofing inspections prior to purchasing a home, after a severe weather event, if a roof is more than 20 years old and prior to changing homeowner’s insurance, as roof replacement may be a condition of new coverage.  Asphalt shingle manufacturer warranties and useful life will vary between, Premium, Dimensional or Architectural and Traditional 3-tab Strip roofing shingles. Curling, cracked and torn shingles corners are the most obvious sign of a roof near or past its useful life.  A comprehensive roof inspection will identify more subtle areas of concern like flashing, ridge and pipe vents,  and other roof items that can result in more costly future repairs.  We service eastern North Carolina homeowners providing replacement windows, doors, roofing, siding and seamless gutters. Please call us with any questions at 919-239-4522 and for a free quote.