Energy Catchers services home owners from the Triangle to the coast and just wanted to post some tips

to better prepare for the upcoming weather.  It appears that we will be getting heavy winds and rain which

can be catastrophic to your roof, siding and windows.  Please stay safe and do not venture outside unless it is

absolutely necessary.   Do not try to move any down trees without professional help.

If you do need help window replacement, roofing or siding 

We will be closed tomorrow thru the weekend for our safety but please call us at (910) 460-4620 in Wilmington or in

Raleigh at (919) 239-4522 after the storm subsides.

Here are some ideas and tips to help you prepare

  • Fortify your doors and windows with plywood.
  • Move anything that could become airborne like trash cans, grills and lawn items.
  • Make sure your gutter and downspouts are clear and debris free.
  • Keep supplies close at hand like water, flashlights and food.
  • Charge all your electronics.
  • Put your important paperwork someplace safe and dry.