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Hurricane Florence

Energy Catchers services home owners from the Triangle to the coast and just wanted to post some tips to better prepare for the upcoming weather.  It appears that we will be getting heavy winds and rain which can be catastrophic to your roof, siding and windows.  Please stay safe and do not venture outside unless [...]

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North Carolina Roof Storm Damage: Repair or Replace

North Carolina asphalt shingle roofs are exposed to a wide variety of severe weather conditions.  Extreme southern summers, hurricane force winds, tornado's and hail are not uncommon.  Engineered to last from 20 years to lifetime under normal conditions, these severe weather events can lead to early roof failure from extreme elements requiring emergency disaster prevention [...]

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Gutter Protection

Fall is here and the leaves are falling.  If you have trees near your home, gutters are an easy stop for leaves and other debris to accumulate.  If you don’t have gutters or they are undersized for your home we can help. Gutter protection eliminates seasonal debris accumulation and the dreaded seasonal cleanings.  Stop the [...]

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Custom Metal Roofing Systems

There are a variety of reasons to consider a custom metal roofing system for your next roof replacement. Longevity: longevity defines metal roofing as witnessed by the old, long abandoned farmhouse near collapse, but still protected by a worn metal roof showing years of battling the elements. Protection: a roof must protect the home from anything nature [...]

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Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier Insulation

Looking for a Rapid Return Home Improvement that is a wise investment? Want a "COOL" attic? Consider Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier Insulation and reduce high summer utility bills: From Raleigh - Cary - Chapel Hill to Fayetteville - Wilmington, Energy Catchers can help reduce your energy dependence and make your home Greener by sealing and [...]

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Sliding Patio Doors

Sometimes called "Sliding Glass Doors", "Sliding Doors", "Sliding Patio Doors" or "Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors", these large glass doors bring natural light and beauty to any space.  The Energy Catchers heavy duty sliding glass doors are a perfect option for replacing a worn sliding patio door for Raleigh, Fayetteville, Wilmington and surrounding homeowners.  Designed to [...]

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Legacy Vinyl and Wood Windows In The Summer

As Raleigh moves into the summer season , consider your home's upcoming battle with the heat, air conditioning not cooling properly and window inefficiency. Windows are designed to fill a hole in the wall by protecting us from the elements. Whether it's age or poor design, inefficient, or "Legacy" vinyl and wood windows are often [...]

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Understanding the Energy Efficient Window Lingo

If you've recently started looking into replacing your old windows with new energy efficient ones, you've most likely ran into some terminology you may have not been familiar with. Glazing, frame materials, low-E and gas fills are all words that are not part of most peoples every day vocabulary and can get confusing and lost in [...]

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