Save Money with Enhanced Green Energy Vinyl Replacement Windows for your Home!

When considering replacement windows for your home or new vinyl windows for a newly built home, remember that your windows serve many functions. They:

  • Provide natural light into your home
  • Enhance its visual appeal
  • Keep your conditioned air from leaking out

Of the three, seal failure and aging windows account for a majority of your home’s thermal losses. Whether it’s the hot air of summer or the cold air of winter, an inefficient barrier between the outdoor elements and your indoor environment makes you spend more to heat or cool your home.

That’s why Energy Catchers recommends “Enhanced Green Energy” vinyl replacement windows.

Energy-efficient “Enhanced Green Energy” windows keeps the heat out during the summer and cold out during the winter. Eliminate this temperature transfer mitigates temperature fluctuations, reducing your HVAC system demands. This not only reduces energy consumption but extends the life of those systems.

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Enhanced Green Energy Replacement Window Features…

Made In the USA for more than 50 years, our Enhanced Green Energy replacement windows are:

Energy Star Certified by the Department Of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency

Custom manufactured in the United States using exceptional materials and Fusion Welded frames designed to last a lifetime.

Highly advanced window replacement systems that combine elegant design with functional components engineered to withstand the harshest of climates.

Custom manufactured to each specific opening and are available with wood grain, factory finish or the custom color options of your choice.

Developed with more than 50 years of expertise and quality with a warranty to back it up.

Maintenance free and manufactured using premium virgin vinyl that never peel, chip, rot or rust.

Designed and built to reduce temperature transfer and maximize exterior sound deflection.

Designed to reduce temperature transfer and exterior sound deflection with UltraFlect Glass Coatings and Argon Gas fill.

The Duralite™ Warm Edge spacer system seals the glass unit and insulates the window edge

UltraFlect……A Highly Engineered Glass Coating Window Efficiency Technology


Only UltraFlect combines Proven technologies in advanced glass coating efficiencies, a “warm edge” spacer systems filled with Argon Gas, producing our most thermally efficient heat reflective and durable insulating window glass package. Argon gas is six times more dense than air, making it an excellent insulator. That density factor means heat/cold transfers from inside and outside the home are reduced significantly as proven by the (National Fenestration Rating Council) NFRC performance testing ratings. Additionally, harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can fade carpets, furniture and artwork are no match for UltraFlect’s:

  • -3 layers of Silver Oxide (11 total layers) are coated and protected inside the dry air space
  • -1 ceramic layer of Tin Oxide is permanently bonded to the interior glass surface. Strategically formulated and positioned to reflect heat energy from your furnace inside.
  • -Argon Gas fill provides an insulation barrier
  • -Duralite™ is the most advanced warm edge spacer designed to reduce heat loss and condensation

Our UltraFlect replacement windows delivers remarkable energy performance results that exceed Energy Star standards with a true “Center of Glass” R-Value of 5.0! Please feel free to request window perfomance information from our NFRC sticker to make your decision. These independent laboratory test results are energy efficiency window manufacturing standards and are consumer guides to replacement window efficiency.

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Vinyl Replacement Window Services

Energy Catchers’ High Quality Window Replacement Services Include:

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