CompositWood Windows by Interstate

Homeowners like the beauty and elegance of wood windows. With styles and colors that complement the architectural features of your home, there are few other features in your home that stand out like wood windows.

However, that beauty comes at a price.

  • Their lack of adequate insulation properties make them less energy efficient.

  • They are highly susceptible to insect infestation and wood rot.

  • They need constant maintenance.

There is an alternative that is just as stunning as wood windows.

CompositWood Windows by Interstate Building Materials is a unique substitute to wood. These windows are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners and builders alike because they are:

  • Just as beautiful and attractive as wood.

  • Complete with low-maintenance properties of vinyl.

  • As strong as metal.

CompositWood Lasts

CompositWood is an innovative material comprised of a proprietary mix of unique polymers and acrylic resins. Because color is infused into the core materials during the manufacturing process, the elegant, beautiful look you see when the windows are first hung is the same great look you’ll see for years to come.

Tested in the harsh sun of Arizona and Florida has proven that these windows are fade- and weather-resistant. The surface performs in the most relentless of weather conditions. Because of the super-tough, solid core material, the windows are durable and will last for years to come.

You’ll experience a lifetime of virtually no maintenance windows that will look great and perform unlike any other window.

CompositWood Is Efficient

The CompositWood material is a superior insulator compared to other material such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Additionally, these windows have multiple weatherstrip paths that include interlocking sash and jambs designed to reduce air infiltration.

With these energy efficient properties and less draft, CompositWood provides greater energy savings and comfort to you throughout the year. You’ll see higher savings on your summer cooling costs and your winter heating bills.

In fact, these windows surpass EnergyStar ® energy performance requirements.

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